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Dow Building SolutionsDow Styrofoam Insulation

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Put foam on your wall... and money in your wallet.

Build value into your homes with rigid foam insulation from Dow.

STYROFOAM™ extruded polystyrene insulation from Dow helps manage energy loss and moisture, two of the most costly issues facing homeowners today. An investment in insulated sheathing pays for itself in just a few years by reducing energy loss and lowering energy bills. And it benefits builders by reducing callbacks and improving reputations.

Build value in your business. Build with the science of rigid foam insulation from Dow.

Why use insulated sheathing?

What's the biggest home expense after the mortgage? For many homeowners, it's the energy bill. Energy costs are skyrocketing and they are expected to continue rising. How do you fight rising energy costs? By making your home as energy-efficient as possible. STYROFOAM™ extruded polystyrene insulation from Dow is a good place to start. Drawing on its scientific expertise, Dow has developed a full line of products that help reduce energy loss, air infiltration and moisture intrusion, and we can help you find the right product for every application.

Reduce energy loss, moisture and air infiltration
Energy loss and moisture are two major issues most homes  face, no matter what the climate. Insulated sheathing from Dow helps reduce energy loss and control moisture to optimize wall, roof and foundation performance and add value for builders and homeowners. Dow's rigid foam insulation is manufactured with a closed-cell structure and maintains a stable R-value** over time. And it is lightweight and easy to handle.

Every Dow insulation solution is specially formulated for optimum performance in a particular area of your home — roof/ceiling, walls or basement. Depend on Dow's insulation science expertise to help create a more comfortable and energy-efficient home.

Every Dow insulation solution is specially formulated for optimum performance in a particular area of your home — roof/ceiling, walls or basement. Depend on Dow's insulation science expertise to help create a more comfortable and energy-efficient home.

Minimize air infiltration
Dow also offers STYROFOAM WEATHERMATE™ Plus housewrap, which helps minimize drafts, air leakage and moisture damage to wood framing. STYROFOAM WEATHERMATE Plus leads the market for durability and strength, so it will stand up to the rigors of job site handling and installation.

DOW Insulation Product Selection

Styrofoam Buoyancy Billets
Styrofoam Cladmate
Styrofoam High 40, High 60, High 100
Styrofoam Perimate
Styrofoam SM
Styrofoam Styrospan
Styrofoam Wallmate
Styrofoam Weathermate
Styrofoam Weathermate Plus Housewrap

Choose the Right Insulation

Performance. Installation. Durability. Dow Building Materials† is a leader in insulation science. In fact, we invented STYROFOAM™ extruded polystyrene insulation. Today, we have a science-based insulating solution for every area of your home. Whether it's the foam's closed cell structure, unique slots and grooves that ease installation, or specialized facings for extra durability, added R-value, and moisture resistance, you'll appreciate the superior performance of STYROFOAM insulation products:

Closed Cell Foam Structure – Foam with no holes or voids that water can penetrate. It resists moisture and will maintain its R-value over time. The result, high compressive strength and unparalleled resistance to water penetration. This is the only kind of foam that carries the STYROFOAM brand name.

R-Value – A measurement of resistance to heat flow. The greater the R-value, the greater the thermal efficiency—and a small increase makes a big difference. Cavity insulation only insulates between wood studs, leaving those studs un-insulated. Rigid insulation covers the entire wall, providing a continuous layer of thermal protection and increasing the overall R-value and energy efficiency.

Heat loss is indicated on a scale of red, the most heat loss, to purple/blue — no heat loss.

Dow Heat Loss Graphic 1 Dow Heat Loss Graphic 2
A house with OSB and R-13 batts — a good start, but look at all the thermal shorts.** A house with OSB and R-13 batts, covered with 1/2" rigid foam insulated sheathing. NOW, you can see the difference adding insulated sheathing makes.**

**Graphic re-creation of thermal bridging in a typical building wall envelope.  Source: www.buildingdow.com

Dow Styrofoam InsulationMoisture ResistanceSome insulation products absorb and hold water which reduces insulation performance and can lead to mold growth. STYROFOAM extruded polystyrene insulation resists water absorption and does not provide a nutrient source for molds. So, STYROFOAM insulation provides long-term insulating performance while reducing the potential for mold growth within the insulation.

Strength and Durability – STYROFOAM insulation is rigid, so it's durable and maintains its integrity during installation and for years after. Yet, it's easy to cut and work with.

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