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NHRA Retail Innovators of the Year




Peter Kohler Supreme Tilt & Turn Window

Peter Kohler Tilt and Turn Windows

Peter Kohler Supreme Tilt & Turn Windows blend the best features of traditional casement, picture and tilting designs to create an elegant and functionally simple window.

The innovative Tilt & Turn design allows this window to offer unmatched versatility.  The top tilt position allows draft-free ventilation and offers total rain protection.  With a simple turn of the handle, the entire window opens just like a traditional hinged door for maximum ventilation, egress opening and ease of cleaning.  When in the closed position, the Tilt & Turn has the classic, elegant appearance of a picture window.

Superior insulation, dual weather seals, and a multi chambered design reduce heat loss and noise infiltration levels so that you can enjoy warmer, more comfortable living.  The fusion welded frame and corners ensure strength, stability, and long lasting durability, while the multi-point locking system around the entire frame offers total security whether closed or tilted open.


Standard Features:
Hardware:  Multi Point Lock
Exterior Moulding: Plain Frame or Nail Fin
Interior Drywall Options: 1/2" Add-On Drywall return, 3/4" Add-On Drywall Return

Insulated Glass Unit: Lifetime
Hardware: Lifetime
Frame/Sash: Lifetime

CSA A440-08: A3, B7, C5, F10, S1

BUILD YOUR OWN WINDOW - Additional choices for Supreme Tilt & Turn

Exterior Mouldings -

bullet1-1/2" Brickmold & J trim
bullet1-1/2" Brickmold & Sill
bullet2" 180 Brickmold & J Trim
bullet3-1/2" 180 Brickmould and J trim
bullet3-1/2" 180 Brickmould and Sill
bullet3-1/2" Flat Casing & J Trim
bullet3-1/2" Flat Casing Complete with Sub-Sill
bullet7/8" Brickmould
bullet7/8" Brickmould and J trim

Glass Options

bulletLoE Argon
bulletEnerglas Plus
bulletLSG (Low Solar Gain)
bulletGray or Bronze Tint
bulletTempered / Safety Glass

Interior Drywall

bullet1/2" Add on Drywall Return
bullet3/4" Add on Drywall Return

Optional Interior Jamb Extensions

bulletVinyl Clad
bulletVinyl Option


bullet3/4" Grooved Georgian
bullet1" Grooved Georgian
bullet5/8" Flat Colonial (also available in Brass)
bullet7/8" Georgian Simulated Divided Lites
bullet1-1/8" Simulated Divided Lite
bullet1-1/16" Simulated Divided Lite
bullet5/16" Slimline
(note all grills available in white, tan or prepainted to any of the colors in the Color Choice section)

Press here to read about choices in window colors

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