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East Coast Living Magazine (Summer 2002)
Feature article "Then and Now" based on renovations of Ed Reid, Digby, Nova-Scotia, Page 44

Excerpts only as this is a lengthy three page feature:

<<Even the choice of Kohler replacement windows was governed by the desire to recreate a more traditional look, both on the interior and the exterior. "Kohler switched to the Georgian design grill for exactly the same reason Ed and Lester chose them for their project, " says Marc Robichaud, customer service representative for U.J. Robichaud TIM-BR Mart in Meteghan Center. "They imitate the older wooden window patterns while providing all the convenience and insulating values of modern construction." U.J. Robichaud TIMBR Mart acted as the main supplier for the project, providing five generations of building supply experience and advice to Reid and Bartson, right from the start.

Some of that experience came in handy when work began on trying to preserve the house’s most distinctive feature. "We’re not really sure what it’s original purpose was, but the front room on the second floor once stretched the entire width of the house and had a curved ceiling with plaster mouldings at the top of the walls and two plaster medallions where the chandeliers hung down," Reid says. Previous renovations has divided the space – which was probably a ball room for social functions – into two, so they created a master bedroom with ensuite bath and a large library.

Plans first called for the ceiling to be left exposed, but fear over the old plaster developing cracks meant it needed to be covered over. The solution was a special forming gyprock and bendable wallboard provided by U.J. Robichaud TIMBR Mart, which allowed them to mould the gyprock to the curves and retain the original feature of the curved ceilings. "We don’t get a lot of demand for this product so it was definitely a specialty item, but it was the perfect solution for Ed and Lester in saving the look of that unique ceiling.", says Robichaud. >>

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