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King Canada
King Industrial
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Power Force

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King Canada Power Tools

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If an item doesn't have a "Buy Now" link, please contact us via the feedback button above, by phone or email to purchase.

Please choose from the following categories:

King Canada (King Canada)

2 in 1 Folding Workbench/Scaffold
Air Cleaner
Arbor Press
Band Saw - Meat Cutting
Band Saw - Metal Cutting
Band Saw - Wood Cutting
Bench Grinder
Cement Mixer
Digital Angle Finder
Digital Fractional Caliper
Dovetail Jig
Drill Presses
Drywall Lift
Dust Collectors
Floor Jack & Jack Stands Kit
Folding Shop Crane
Hydraulic Press
Knife & Flashlight Set
Laminate Flooring Cutter
Lathes (Metal)
Lathes (Wood)
Log Splitter
Miter Saws
Miter Saw Stand
Pallet Trucks
Parts Washer
Pipe Bender
Portable Clamping Workstation
Power Feeders
Roller Stands
Router Table
Scroll Saws
Spray Guns
Tile Saws
Universal Power Tool Workstation
Wood Carving Chisel Set

King Industrial (King Industrial)

Air Cleaner
Air Compressors
Band Saws - Metal Cutting
Band Saws - Wood Cutting
Bench Grinder
Belt Sander
Double Cut Saw Kit
Drill Presses
Drilling Machines
Dust Collectors
Hollow Chisel Mortiser
Inspection Camera with LCD Monitor
Jobsite Saw with Folding Stand
Lathes - Metal Working
Lathes - Wood Working
Metal Forming Machines
Milling Drilling Machines
Mobile Base
Planer Moulder
Remote Control Power Systems
Surface Grinder
Table Saws

Performance Plus (Performance Plus)

Air Compressors
Air Compressor Combo Kits
Air Nailers
Air Tools
Biscuit Joiner
Circular Saw
Cordless Drill
Cut Out Tool Kit
Cut Off Saw
Drilling and Mixing Kit
Drywall Screwdriver
Electric Drills
Emergency Power Source
Grass Trimmer
Grass Trimmer/Edger
Heat Gun
Hedge Trimmer
Impact Wrench
Jamb and Undercut Saw
Jig Saw
Laminate Trimmer
Leaf Blower
Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit
Palm Nailer
Reciprocating Saw
Right Angle Drill
Rotary Tool
Table Saws
Tire Inflation Gun with Pressure Gauge
Wet/Dry Vacuums

Dakota (Dakota)

Adjustable Trolley
Beam Clamps
Pallet Trucks
Platform Trucks
Scissor Lifts

Power Force (Powerforce)
Gasoline Engines
Log Splitters (Gasoline)
Pressure Washers
Water Pump

King Canada Tools Warranty - Should a tool become defective within the warranty period, the customer is responsible for taking the tool to their nearest authorized King Canada Tools Service Centre (we can provide you with this information). If there is not an authorized King Canada Tools Service Centre in the customer's vicinity, the customer can return the tool to UJ Robichaud TIM-BR Mart (customer pays any shipping costs to transport the tool to/from us) for the store to look after the warranty repair.

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